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White Bean Dip with Avocado and Cilantro

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Chia pudding yogurt with raspberries…RECIPE

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Inhale and exhale #breathingexercises #kidatheart

word on the street #streetart #upupandaway

taking a breather after cruising the marina #mykindofsaturday

Catching the last rays #colorburst

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Happy baby is one of my go-to asanas whenever I’m having the cramps. I’ll always do this in bed and it’ll make me feel better instantly. 😌

What’s your favourite asana to relieve the menstrual cramps? Share it with us and we will be giving out 20 booklets of Yoga for a Happy Period that I co-created with @pslove_co! 💖

Here’s what you need to do!

1. Check out my Yoga for a Happy Period guide (link in bio) and choose your personal favourite asana.

2. Take a photo of your asana and post them on Instagram! ✨

3. Follow me (@sassyyogi) and @pslove_co and tag us in the photo! ✨

4. Remember to hashtag the photos with #PeriodNoFear, #pslove_co, and #yogawithangie ✨

The giveaway ends 22nd August, and we will be randomly picking 20 entries on Instagram. 💖

Yoga away! 🙏

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