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active fitblr xx

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active fitblr xx

Taking a breather #smileon #latergram


5 Moves to Target Triceps For Tank-Top Season. It might not feel like it, but tank-top season is not that far away! Each of these effective triceps-toning exercises will help combat that notorious back-of-the arm jiggle.

  • Tricep Dip: Whether you’re outside, at the gym, or at home, triceps dips get your arms pumping. Be sure to avoid these common mistakes to make the most of this move and keep your body safe.
  • Tricep Push: Drop to your knees, and start showing your triceps some love with this low-weight move. Use two- or three-pound dumbbells for this one.
  • Skull Crushers: The name might sound a little scary, but there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to this effective triceps-toning move. 
  • Side-Arm Push-Ups: An alternative for your standard push-up routine is the side-arm push-up. It tones your triceps, your deltoids, and the outside of your chest.

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active fitblr xx

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Post run stretching with my dog :) she didn’t run with me though, she’d be played out after literally half a minute

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That’s fruit looks delicious

ummm yes please #imeanthefruitofcourse XD

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Does anyone know who she is ?!

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Jessica Estrada

She is bad ass!!

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balcony update: bananas, watermelon, kabocha, potatoes, corn, red onions, mushrooms, river spinach and other greens, carrots, soybean sprouts, blueberries, peaches, apricots, 2 different varieties of plums and some barely visible cherries. yummy summer is yummy

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