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Studying for my last 2 midterms, I decided to give my brain and body a boost with a full body workout at the gym:

20 mins cardio (interval running, rowing machine)

50x2 oblique crunches

100 squats w/ 6lb kettlebell swings

50 jumping jacks
20 pliƩ squats (15x2 side lunge oblique crunch)
30 high knees
20 tricep dips
30 mountain climbers
20 squat twists (weights)
10 burpees
20 Russian twists (weights)
15x2 triceps extensions (weights)
50 jump rope
15x2 plank scissors (30 toe taps)
50 jump rope
15x2 donkey kicks
50 jump rope
The hundred balancing ball
10x2 step up kick back with shoulder press
50 jump rope
20 tricep pushups on yoga ball
15x2 standing oblique crunches
20 touchdowns (30 skaters)
Repeat X1 (workout changes)

100 jump rope


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