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I finished my 21st day of my second #resolution21 goal: 2-4 servings of fruits/veggies everyday. I have so much respect for those people who make the daily decision to live & stay healthy. Waking up half an hour to eat a healthy and prep a day’s worth of healthy snacks/meals, dedicating an hour everyday to exercising, saying no to unhealthy and opting for the healthier, all these seemingly small decisions make all the difference. Making goals to consume healthier foods are definitely helping me feel lighter and more energized. I can feel an immediate difference when I consume foods containing high salt/sugar/grease. Although I do have a harder time with my veggies, so I am gonna have to set another goal to help me with that. Anyone that has any good ideas/recipes please do share by hashtagging #eathealthywithohmylee~ it would be much appreciated! Let’s get healthy! #changeyourlife #eathealthy #fightforfit #fitness #health #fitspiration #fitspo #fitfam #justdoit #fruits #veggies #healthychoices